" slowly, then all at once. "
" slowly, then all at once. "
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Blaine and Sebastian were over at Sebastian’s house one night when his parents were out of town over the weekend for a business trip. The night had begun easily with Chinese take-out. Then they went into Westerville, hoping to catch a late movie at the theaters. However, nothing seemed to please their taste and they decided to rent a movie instead. Back in Sebastian’s house, they started watching Zodiac

"Why did we rent this movie? I must have seen it hundreds of times." Blaine sighed and leaned back in the sofa. 

"It’s really good," Sebastian said, not taking his eyes away from the screen. "And it’s based on a true story. Oh did you see that? They’re about to be stabbed to death!"

Blaine thought that he should find it uncomfortable of how happily Sebastian talked about death and manslaughter. But the only thing he could think about was the way he spoke with his head turned towards Blaine but his eyes still straight ahead, fixed on the TV. It was almost like a silent challenge to Blaine, like Sebastian was making Blaine test how far he’d have to go to get his full attention. 

"Can’t we do something else?" Blaine asked lowly. 

"Like what?" Sebastian asked, still not paying too much attention to Blaine. 

As those words were spoken, Blaine scooched closer to Sebastian on the couch, who still seemed very unaware of Blaine’s intentions. Blaine placed his lips right under the edge of Sebastian’s jawbone and started kissing his neck roughly. A moan slipped out of Sebastian’s throat from the unexpected touch before it was replaced by a string of laughter. 

"Blaine, I’m serious," Sebastian said and lightly pushed Blaine away. "I wanna watch the movie we rent for once."

"You can watch it meanwhile if you want,” Blaine teased. 

Sebastian only raised and eyebrow before his eyes darted back to the screen. Blaine sighed in exasperation. He laid his head to rest on Sebastian’s shoulder in defeat and continued watching the movie. For a few minutes. 

Blaine was horny and Sebastian was right there, the heat radiating from his body while one of his hands lay on top of the armrest when his index finger suddenly started drawing slow circles in the fabric. Blaine didn’t get why Sebastian was turning him down; he was never one to say no to sex. Blaine smiled mischievously to himself as he watched the slow movements of Sebastian’s finger. He knew Sebastian too well to not know what it meant. Sebastian always put his hands in motion while fighting a slowly building erection. Blaine moved his eyes from the finger down to Sebastian’s crotch. When he couldn’t determine anything in his favor, he decided to find out if he was right in a different way. 

"Hmpf-" Sebastian called out in surprise as a hand closed over his cock and squeezed it lightly. Sebastian’s head instantly snapped to look at Blaine, who was grinning playfully. "Blaine…" Sebastian intended it to come out as a warning but mostly sounded like a breathless panting. 

"Shh," Blaine said and pressed a finger to Sebastian’s lips. "You know you want this." Blaine’s voice was filled with sultry while he continued stroking Sebastian through his jeans. 

Letting out a groan, Sebastian grabbed Blaine by the wrist and said, “We can do this later, alright? I wanna watch this.”

Blaine raised an eyebrow and made Sebastian keep looking at him. “You’d rather watch the movie than having this-” At his words, Blaine pulled through the hand gripping his wrist and crashed down on Sebastian’s crotch again, gripping his cock firmly as best as he could through the layers. 

Blaine saw how the pleasure of his touch spread over Sebastian’s face. His lips parted to let out a gasp but he managed to keep his eyes on Blaine’s. 

"Fuck." He panted heavily and reached a hand down to Blaine’s. For a moment, Blaine thought that he was going to get pulled away again, but he was surprised when Sebastian instead pressed his hand to Blaine’s and pushing it harder to his cock. 

"Oh no," Blaine warned and moved their hands away. Sebastian whimpered at the loss of touch and he leaned back heavily against the back of the couch while catching his breath. "You said you wanted to watch the movie, so let’s watch it."

Blaine had barely time to turn his head before a hand cupped his cheek to turn him back. Sebastian leaned in and crashed their lips together for a few heated seconds before pulling away slightly to whisper against his lips, “Stop being such a tease and touch me.” 

They kissed again, wetly and sloppily as Blaine moved in his seat until his knee was between Sebastian’s legs. 

His cock was throbbing painfully as Blaine ground his knee against it. He pulled an arm around Blaine’s back to urge him closer. Blaine wobbled a little at the drag but took the hint. He stood up on his knees until he settled down again in Sebastian’s lap. Blaine gripped Sebastian’s hands that were trying to take control of the situation and pinned them to the back of the couch, on either side of Sebastian’s head. Sebastian’s breath got caught in his throat, at the motion and at Blaine’s roughness. Sebastian was usually the one playing it rough. 

He tried moving but his hips were trapped tightly under Blaine’s weight. “Move!” Sebastian hissed, hopelessly seeking any friction he could get. He didn’t like to be begging but Blaine gave him no other choice. Blaine smiled wryly, but he obliged. 

They rocked their hips together, Sebastian thrusting up to meet Blaine as they pressed their cocks together. Sebastian put his hands on Blaine’s ass and pushed him down hard, making them both moan. Blaine’s eyes fluttered closed for a second and let his lips part as he thrived in the pleasure. He looked so hot that Sebastian couldn’t take it. 

He started fumbling with Blaine’s pants, opening the button and unzipping them when Blaine finally opened his eyes again. He did the same to Sebastian’s pants, but when he was finished he pushed a hand inside of the tight layers of fabric to access Sebastian’s cock. He closed his hand around Sebastian’s width and Sebastian threw his head back and thrust into the tight fist when it started pumping him. 

Blaine watched as Sebastian shut his eyes tightly together and as his wide-open mouth let out a moan deeper than he’d ever heard before. It came all the way from down in Sebastian’s throat. 

"Look at me," Blaine said in a low and husky voice. "Look at me when you come." As if to empower his words, he started pulling faster and gripping tighter than before, making it even harder for Sebastian to obey. 

"N-no, wait, st-top," Sebastian panted, but Blaine only took this as encouragement to speed up his pace. "I can’t- new pa-pants, r-really expensi-" His final word was broken off by a moan as he cried out in pleasure. He gripped Blaine’s shoulder tightly and dug his nails into the fabric of his shirt. "Fuck!" He almost screamed the word and it was suddenly very loud in the otherwise quiet house. What was Blaine even doing that felt so amazing? His stomach clenched and his orgasm hit him hard and his load shot into his pants. He panted for a good while getting back to reality as he saw Blaine climax as well. 

Blaine fell down onto Sebastian and rested his head in the crook of his neck. “Just by looking at you,” he whispered, his voice still unsteady. “God, you’re so hot when you come, baby.” He moved his lips to Sebastian’s neck.

"And you can go back to the movie now if you want," he teased. The only response he got was the rumbling underneath him as Sebastian laughed.

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