" slowly, then all at once. "
" slowly, then all at once. "
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BEING NICE SUCKS. That’s what Sebastian had said, and he’s sticking to it. It sucks to see the guy you’d fallen for propose to someone else, blinded by a one-track idealism and ideas of love.

Sebastian was a nice guy now. He’d learned that nothing else would do him good in the end. Yet sitting in the room where Blaine had hugged him a couple of hours prior, he felt like whatever he did wouldn’t matter. He would always end up feeling empty.

The cheers and cries of joy echoing in the walls didn’t resonate within him. He was the black hole in which all sound and light was consumed and demolished.

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Rated: M

Blaine and Sebastian were over at Sebastian’s house one night when his parents were out of town over the weekend for a business trip. The night had begun easily with Chinese take-out. Then they went into Westerville, hoping to catch a late movie at the theaters. However, nothing seemed to please their taste and they decided to rent a movie instead. Back in Sebastian’s house, they started watching Zodiac

"Why did we rent this movie? I must have seen it hundreds of times." Blaine sighed and leaned back in the sofa. 

"It’s really good," Sebastian said, not taking his eyes away from the screen. "And it’s based on a true story. Oh did you see that? They’re about to be stabbed to death!"

Blaine thought that he should find it uncomfortable of how happily Sebastian talked about death and manslaughter. But the only thing he could think about was the way he spoke with his head turned towards Blaine but his eyes still straight ahead, fixed on the TV. It was almost like a silent challenge to Blaine, like Sebastian was making Blaine test how far he’d have to go to get his full attention. 

"Can’t we do something else?" Blaine asked lowly. 

"Like what?" Sebastian asked, still not paying too much attention to Blaine. 

As those words were spoken, Blaine scooched closer to Sebastian on the couch, who still seemed very unaware of Blaine’s intentions. Blaine placed his lips right under the edge of Sebastian’s jawbone and started kissing his neck roughly. A moan slipped out of Sebastian’s throat from the unexpected touch before it was replaced by a string of laughter. 

"Blaine, I’m serious," Sebastian said and lightly pushed Blaine away. "I wanna watch the movie we rent for once."

"You can watch it meanwhile if you want,” Blaine teased. 

Sebastian only raised and eyebrow before his eyes darted back to the screen. Blaine sighed in exasperation. He laid his head to rest on Sebastian’s shoulder in defeat and continued watching the movie. For a few minutes. 

Blaine was horny and Sebastian was right there, the heat radiating from his body while one of his hands lay on top of the armrest when his index finger suddenly started drawing slow circles in the fabric. Blaine didn’t get why Sebastian was turning him down; he was never one to say no to sex. Blaine smiled mischievously to himself as he watched the slow movements of Sebastian’s finger. He knew Sebastian too well to not know what it meant. Sebastian always put his hands in motion while fighting a slowly building erection. Blaine moved his eyes from the finger down to Sebastian’s crotch. When he couldn’t determine anything in his favor, he decided to find out if he was right in a different way. 

"Hmpf-" Sebastian called out in surprise as a hand closed over his cock and squeezed it lightly. Sebastian’s head instantly snapped to look at Blaine, who was grinning playfully. "Blaine…" Sebastian intended it to come out as a warning but mostly sounded like a breathless panting. 

"Shh," Blaine said and pressed a finger to Sebastian’s lips. "You know you want this." Blaine’s voice was filled with sultry while he continued stroking Sebastian through his jeans. 

Letting out a groan, Sebastian grabbed Blaine by the wrist and said, “We can do this later, alright? I wanna watch this.”

Blaine raised an eyebrow and made Sebastian keep looking at him. “You’d rather watch the movie than having this-” At his words, Blaine pulled through the hand gripping his wrist and crashed down on Sebastian’s crotch again, gripping his cock firmly as best as he could through the layers. 

Blaine saw how the pleasure of his touch spread over Sebastian’s face. His lips parted to let out a gasp but he managed to keep his eyes on Blaine’s. 

"Fuck." He panted heavily and reached a hand down to Blaine’s. For a moment, Blaine thought that he was going to get pulled away again, but he was surprised when Sebastian instead pressed his hand to Blaine’s and pushing it harder to his cock. 

"Oh no," Blaine warned and moved their hands away. Sebastian whimpered at the loss of touch and he leaned back heavily against the back of the couch while catching his breath. "You said you wanted to watch the movie, so let’s watch it."

Blaine had barely time to turn his head before a hand cupped his cheek to turn him back. Sebastian leaned in and crashed their lips together for a few heated seconds before pulling away slightly to whisper against his lips, “Stop being such a tease and touch me.” 

They kissed again, wetly and sloppily as Blaine moved in his seat until his knee was between Sebastian’s legs. 

His cock was throbbing painfully as Blaine ground his knee against it. He pulled an arm around Blaine’s back to urge him closer. Blaine wobbled a little at the drag but took the hint. He stood up on his knees until he settled down again in Sebastian’s lap. Blaine gripped Sebastian’s hands that were trying to take control of the situation and pinned them to the back of the couch, on either side of Sebastian’s head. Sebastian’s breath got caught in his throat, at the motion and at Blaine’s roughness. Sebastian was usually the one playing it rough. 

He tried moving but his hips were trapped tightly under Blaine’s weight. “Move!” Sebastian hissed, hopelessly seeking any friction he could get. He didn’t like to be begging but Blaine gave him no other choice. Blaine smiled wryly, but he obliged. 

They rocked their hips together, Sebastian thrusting up to meet Blaine as they pressed their cocks together. Sebastian put his hands on Blaine’s ass and pushed him down hard, making them both moan. Blaine’s eyes fluttered closed for a second and let his lips part as he thrived in the pleasure. He looked so hot that Sebastian couldn’t take it. 

He started fumbling with Blaine’s pants, opening the button and unzipping them when Blaine finally opened his eyes again. He did the same to Sebastian’s pants, but when he was finished he pushed a hand inside of the tight layers of fabric to access Sebastian’s cock. He closed his hand around Sebastian’s width and Sebastian threw his head back and thrust into the tight fist when it started pumping him. 

Blaine watched as Sebastian shut his eyes tightly together and as his wide-open mouth let out a moan deeper than he’d ever heard before. It came all the way from down in Sebastian’s throat. 

"Look at me," Blaine said in a low and husky voice. "Look at me when you come." As if to empower his words, he started pulling faster and gripping tighter than before, making it even harder for Sebastian to obey. 

"N-no, wait, st-top," Sebastian panted, but Blaine only took this as encouragement to speed up his pace. "I can’t- new pa-pants, r-really expensi-" His final word was broken off by a moan as he cried out in pleasure. He gripped Blaine’s shoulder tightly and dug his nails into the fabric of his shirt. "Fuck!" He almost screamed the word and it was suddenly very loud in the otherwise quiet house. What was Blaine even doing that felt so amazing? His stomach clenched and his orgasm hit him hard and his load shot into his pants. He panted for a good while getting back to reality as he saw Blaine climax as well. 

Blaine fell down onto Sebastian and rested his head in the crook of his neck. “Just by looking at you,” he whispered, his voice still unsteady. “God, you’re so hot when you come, baby.” He moved his lips to Sebastian’s neck.

"And you can go back to the movie now if you want," he teased. The only response he got was the rumbling underneath him as Sebastian laughed.

Warning: May contain loads of fluff, sweetness and adorableness that leaves your heart warm for hours. 

"No," Sebastian said firmly. "I don’t care what you say, I am not doing it.” 

"Why not?" Blaine asked innocently, holding the bow tie in front of Sebastian’s neck and checking it out. "It would look really good on you!"

"Blaine," Sebastian said slowly, trying to appear rational while explaining to Blaine just why he wouldn’t wear that… thing. “I don’t do bow ties.”

"Why? It’s really cute!" He kept pressing it up to Sebastian’s neck and Sebastian decided he’d had enough and raised a hand to slap it away. 

"Exactly," Sebastian agreed. "It’s cute. I don’t wanna look cute, I wanna look hot.” He started buttoning the top buttons of his white dress shirt in front of the mirror and Blaine watched him under silence while starting to pout his lower lip. “Aw, don’t give me that, it’s not fair!”

"I just want us to wear matching bow ties," Blaine said quietly, turning his eyes down to the stripe of blue silk fabric in his hands. 

"Matching bow ties would be one thing," Sebastian agreed, heart torn by the sudden sadness in Blaine. "But one with puppies on?!"

"The red one with puppies is mine, yours is this blue one… with kittens."

"Kittens?" Sebastian scoffed. "No way."

Blaine kept his eyes down and started scraping one of his feet to the floor. “Okay then.”

With a deep sigh, Sebastian reached out a hand to Blaine’s face and lifted it so that they got eye contact. Blaine’s eyes looked a little teared up. “Look, it’s not the end of the world,” Sebastian tried to comfort.

"But… won’t you do it?" Blaine said hopefully, staring deep into Sebastian’s eyes. He blinked slowly a few times, flashing his long eyelashes. When Blaine met his eyes again, Sebastian thought that he’d never seen a pair of impossibly big eyes that looked so golden bright and shiny as Blaine’s did then. "For me?"

Those two words did it, and Sebastian felt like a fist was clenching his heart. Damn, Sebastian thought. I am totally whipped. He sighed again, and moved his hand from Blaine’s chin to his cheek.

"If it means that much to you," he said and rubbed his thumb along Blaine’s cheekbone, "then of course I will do that, baby." He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Blaine’s nose, and brushed their lips together softly.


They had to ring the doorbell twice before someone on the inside finally heard them. The door burst open and a short, dark haired, young woman opened it with a bright smile on her face. “Hey guys! I was starting to think you weren’t gonna show!”

"Of course we were Rachel," Blaine said happily and pulled her in for a tight hug. Then he told her quietly into her ear, "Sebastian was being a little difficult…"

"I heard that!" Sebastian said sulkily. 

Blaine untangled himself from Rachel’s arms and turned to his boyfriend. “So pull in your claws and let me kiss you,” Blaine teased and pecked Sebastian’s cheek. “You little kitten…”

Sebastian allowed himself to be dragged indoors only because he didn’t want to freeze his ass of in the cold. However, once he met everyone else and had them trying not to laugh at him he almost made a 180 degree turn for the door. 

"No man," Finn said and covered his grin with the beer bottle in his hand. "It’s cool. Like… Aristocats." But then he couldn’t hold back his chuckles. 

"Ha ha very funny," Sebastian said and took a seat in the armchair in the corner of the room. 

"Blaine might out-gay and out-cute you, you know," Kurt said, annoyingly picking at a strand in his hair that had escaped the massive hairspray attack, "but he’s sure gonna try to pull you down with him. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about." 

At the end of the night at the Hudson-Berry dinner party, they all had a good laugh about the whole thing. Even Sebastian himself. 

And that was how the story was formed: "You know that time when Sebastian wore a blue bow tie with cartoon kittens on it…"

"Say, what do you think about this one?"

Blaine, about to beat his high score in Scooter Hero, glanced up quickly from his phone to check out the white, knitted sweater Sebastian was trying on. 

"It looks nice," Blaine said distractedly before going back to the game, and managed to save himself from dying in the last second. 

"You think?" Sebastian asked, eyeing himself in the mirror in the fitting room. "I mean, knitwear isn’t usually my thing. But I like this one. And it’s on sale so…"

"Looks good," Blaine said, not really listening. 

"Hey!" Sebastian called, snapping his fingers in an attempt to catch Blaine’s attention. But it didn’t succeed. That’s why Sebastian stepped over to Blaine where he was sitting on a stool, head bent down. Sebastian reached his hand out to snatch Blaine’s phone away from him. Poor Blaine was so deep into his game that he didn’t even have time react.

"Give me! I was beating my high score!"

"Like I care!" Sebastian countered. "You’re supposed to help me, remember? I gotta have something to wear to the dinner with Nathan’s parents."

Blaine chuckled at Sebastian’s distress. “I still can’t believe you’re meeting his parents. You’ve been seeing him what, two weeks? Actually, the thought of you meeting any guy’s parents is hilarious!” 

Sebastian sighed and pulled the shirt over his head, not minding that the door to the stall was open. There was no one around but Blaine anyway. “Yeah well, last week when we were finally moving past second base he stopped me in the middle of the whole thing to invite me over. I mean who does that?!”

Blaine kept chuckling. “It’s because he knows you’ll do anything to get into his pants.”

Sebastian sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror, fingering on the sweater in his hands. “He’s totally using it against me, isn’t he?” Blaine nodded and Sebastian turned to him. “Well not all guys can be such saints as Daniel,” Sebastian remarked.

Blaine stiffened at the mention of his boyfriend, but tried to relax as Sebastian’s confused gaze hit him. “No one’s a saint, trust me. Everyone has flaws.”

Sebastian hummed. “You should try this one,” he said then and patted the knitted sweater. “It was really comfortable, I’m sure it’d be perfect on you.”

"I don’t know," Blaine said, not moving from his seat. "I don’t really need another one."

"Oh, come on, just try it," Sebastian urged. 

"I don’t want to," Blaine snapped.

Sebastian raised his eyebrows in surprise at Blaine’s reaction. “Why won’t you try it on?”

Blaine’s arms were crossed over his chest and he was looking very unwilling, meeting Sebastian’s stare with a pair of unyielding eyes. He grind his teeth before answering reluctantly. “Fine.”

He stood up, took the shirt that Sebastian was holding out to him and went into the changing stall. He started unbuttoning his cardigan slowly and Sebastian moved his eyes away to give him some privacy. Blaine slipped the sweater over his head and turned to the mirror behind him to see how it looked. 

"Looks nice," Sebastian encouraged. 

"Feels nice too," Blaine agreed.

"See that wasn’t so hard, was it?" Sebastian said and saw how Blaine sighed in relief. 

"I guess not. But I still don’t need it." Blaine started pulling on the hem of the shirt and struggled once he lifted it over his head and got stuck with his arms bent up in the air. "A little help?" his muffled voice said against the fabric while he wiggled his free fingers.

Sebastian laughed at him and took a step closer to help pull it off. “How is it too small? You’re way tinier than me and you still-” He stopped talking at once. When they had pulled the sweater over Blaine’s head, his t-shirt was got stuck in it and had been pulled with it, baring a good piece of his stomach. Blaine noticed how Sebastian stopped in his sentence and how his face had hardened into a tense mask. Blaine froze on the spot, waiting for whatever words that would come out of Sebastian next. 

"I have seen sex bruises many times, and those are not it."

"Sebastian, please," Blaine tried and took a step back. Sebastian’s voice was dripping of venom and it stung Blaine, it scared him. 

When Blaine protested it was like Sebastian felt like he had to push on harder. He leaped forward and pulled Blaine’s shirt up higher, exposing the black and purple bruising. He also saw the yellow ones on the side of them. 

"It’s nothing, really," Blaine tried to defend it while knowing it was a lost cause. His hands fighted Sebastian’s away. 

"Nothing?" Sebastian’s voice was cold. Hard. "It wasn’t even a one time thing, was it?" He noticed how terrified Blaine looked then but didn’t care. "Was it your dad… or was it Daniel?"

"It doesn’t matter," Blaine whispered and shot his eyes to the floor. He felt the familiar warm sting as the tears formed in his eyes. 

"The hell it doesn’t!" Then there was a tense silence where they were just standing there. Sebastian couldn’t take how Blaine could be so calm and forgiving about something so big. Sebastian snapped. With all the force he could manage, he raised his hand and hit it palm first against the wall, making the whole cubicle shift. The loud sound echoed through the changing room like a canon ball through the thin walls. "Damnit Blaine!" he shouted, eyes filled with fury. 

Now Blaine wasn’t afraid of what Sebastian was going to say anymore, he was afraid of Sebastian. He just wanted him to stop. Something in Blaine broke and his chest and shoulders heaved with powerful sobs that shook him from inside and out. 

"I’m s-sorry," Blaine said, not sure why he was apologizing. "Dan started coming home drunk really late in the nights and I didn’t know what to do. He was always so angry and I was always scared. He started…" 

"Shh," Sebastian soothed and wrapped his arms tightly around Blaine. His anger was gone in a second when his best friend needed him. Blaine was shaking violently in his arms. "It’s okay."

"No it’s not," Blaine said brokenly and buried his wet face in Sebastian’s shoulder. "I s-should’ve told you after the f-first time. I have no excuse."

"Shush Blaine, I mean it." Sebastian rubbed soothing circles on Blaine’s back and he seemed to relax a little. "Here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna go home with you and we’re gonna pack your things. Then you come with me back to my place and stay with me until you feel better. I’m going to hold you until you fall asleep and then you’re gonna live with me until you stop being afraid. You understand?"

Blaine nodded against Sebastian’s shoulder and let silent tears continue to fall down his cheeks because he had the best friend in the whole world. “Can we just stay like this for a while first? Daniel doesn’t get off work until six.” 

"Of course," Sebastian said, gripping Blaine tighter against his chest. "Anything you want."

It wasn’t sadness that Blaine felt every time he was picked on - it was anger. He hated being so little and he hated being weak. He wished that he could tell Sebastian to stop and that he would actually listen. But he didn’t stop. In fact, he never took Blaine seriously. 

Blaine was sitting on the swings in the park, trying to get speed all by himself instead of his mommy helping him like she always did. He was doing a great job for a minute or so, until Sebastian and his mother came to the park too. They always came to the park at the same time as them. One time Sebastian had seen Blaine getting pushed on the swings by his mom, and Blaine had never gotten to hear the end of it. 

Now Blaine was really upset because Sebastian wouldn’t leave him alone. Sebastian stood happily next to the swing set, with eyes on Blaine and a grin on his face.

"How’s it goin’ Blaine?" Sebastian teased. "You can’t even reach down to the ground!"

"Can too!" Blaine whined and made an effort to reach the sand below his feet. However, he was far from succeeding. Instead he tried to hop down from the swing, but having to wiggle off it slowly to decrease the fall. 

"I told you you were short!" Sebastian continued, now following Blaine in his steps. 

Blaine turned around, hands turning into fists at his sides with rage. “Why can’t you just stop following me around?!” When making another attempt to rush back to his mom, Blaine felt the sudden hand holding him back. 

"Are you gonna run off to mommy?" Sebastian mocked and grinned widely. “‘Cause that’s what little boys do."

"I am not a little boy!" Blaine protested and pouted his lower lip.

"Did you borrow your mommy’s girl stuff again?" Sebastian kept teasing. 

"No I didn’t! I’m not a girl!” Blaine lied. It wasn’t his fault that he loved his mommy’s make-up table. Everything smelled so nice there, and it was fun to play with the little bottles while sitting in his mommy’s lap. Still, Blaine crossed his arms dramatically over his chest, looking away, to their moms where they were sitting and talking on the bench on the side of the playground. 

"Then how come your hair is so curly?" Sebastian asked and pulled on a strand of Blaine’s fluffy curls. It was really soft, and Sebastian thought that it bounced funnily when he pulled it. "Haha, look! Booing-booing!" Sebastian started laughing out loud at Blaine’s hair. That was when Blaine decided that he’d had enough. 

Surprising Sebastian, Blaine started running as quickly as his short legs allowed, back to their moms and to safety. Both of them looked up as Blaine came running towards them, Sebastian in tow. 

"Sebastian, what did you do this time?" Mrs. Smythe said while trying to keep a smile off her face. 

"I did nothing! Blaine is such a sissy pants!"

"I am not!" 

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!”

"Boys," Mrs. Anderson said loudly, looking down at the two 5 year olds at her feet. 

"Sebastian, you have to stop picking on Blaine all the time," his mother told him strictly. "It’s not very nice of you."

"But I can’t help it!" Sebastian protested. "Look at his bow tie, it’s green like snot and it makes him look like a cute little doll! Ugh!" 

The mothers raised an eyebrow at each other. Cute little doll. But they didn’t have time to say anything before Blaine decided to stand up for himself. 

"It’s Buzz Lightyear and he’s only the coolest guy ever! Too cool for you!” 

Sebastian put his tongue out at Blaine because he couldn’t think of anything better to do. 

"Don’t worry Blaine," Mrs. Smythe said to Blaine as he was about to start sulking, "he’s only teasing you because he likes you." Then she shot him a big, warm smile.

"Yes honey," Blaine’s mom agrees, "Sebastian likes you!" 

Mom!” the two boys whine in unison, provoking laughter from the women.

"I don’t like him! He’s tiny and childish," Sebastian complained. 

"Don’t worry," his mother soothed playfully, "he likes you too!"

"I do not!" Blaine objected. "Sebastian is just mean."

"Come on," Sebastian said then, grabbing Blaine’s hand and pulling him along. "Let’s go. They don’t understand anything." He sighed dramatically and the two boys took off to the playground again.

"It’s going to be a pleasure watching them grow up together and seeing how close they’ll be," Mrs. Smythe sighed blissfully.

"Inseparable," Mrs. Anderson agreed. "I wonder if they’ll be best friends one day. Or more.”

"Only time can tell."

The two mothers clasped their hands and watched their sons with adoring eyes. Only time could tell what would happen to them in the future. But for now, liking each other the way Blaine and Sebastian did was more than enough. 

What can I say? You can’t trust me, I’m too unpredictable! 

Shhh, just go read the ficlet I just posted…

Sebastian had been rambling for the last fifteen minutes about every single thing he had done in the latest lacrosse game, and how he had helped them win this time. It involved things that had nothing to do with him whatsoever - like accidents or weather - and assistant goal passes. Blaine didn’t mind listening to all of that. It was a sunny day and the grass looked green and inviting as they walked through the park. Spring was coming with quick steps and it cheered everyone up. But all Blaine could think of was how he wanted to reach out and hold Sebastian’s hand. 

He’d even tried to do that a few times. Although he had stopped trying around the fifth rejection from Sebastian, who smirked and said something along the lines of “why are you holding my hand?” or “you know I don’t do those kind of things…”. Blaine sighed internally every single time, his heart growing heavier in his chest. He refused to be saddened or let down. It was the way Sebastian was, but Blaine couldn’t help that he wanted… more

As Blaine noticed the twenty-something guy with chestnut hair, wearing a Hollister vest and standing by the big, fluffy dog, a knowing smile came to his lips. Sebastian saw this and stopped his rambling.

"What are you smiling about?" he asked, seeing as a smile fit nowhere in the story he was deeply involved in sharing.

"Look," Blaine said, nodding over to the guy.

Sebastian, clearly confused, crossed his arms over his chest as they stopped walking. “What about him?”

Trying not to smile at Sebastian’s jealousy, Blaine answers, “it’s the new barista at Lima Bean, don’t you recognize him?” Blaine lets his eyes trail along the other guy’s body, clearly aware of the fact that Sebastian is watching him. 

"Huh," Sebastian shrugs without interest, "well there you go." However, what Sebastian didn’t know was that every time Blaine had beat him to their coffee place and gotten their orders, he’d been having small, fun conversations with the new guy. 

Sebastian didn’t have time to think anything else as Blaine all of a sudden-

"Hey, Jimmy!" 

Sebastian’s eyes widened with incredibility as he watched Blaine jog over to the guy who turned his head up with a huge smile on his face. 

"Blaine!" he greeted happily and met Blaine halfway, dragging the unwilling dog along behind him. 

If that had surprised Sebastian, it was nothing compared to the long, tight hug they shared as they met. The fact that Blaine was that close to the handsome guy made Sebastian really unsure. What else did he not know about Blaine? After all, weren’t they supposed to be best friends?

When Sebastian walked over with slow steps, there was nothing he knew he hated more than to see how Jimmy had his free arm wrapped around Blaine, his hand stroking his back. Blaine and Jimmy barely had time to part and start a conversation when Sebastian reached their side. 

Blaine kept grinning as Sebastian approached, not entirely sure why he was laughing so much at the mediocre-funny thing Jimmy was saying. He just knew that he loved the baffled look on Sebastian’s face. He enjoyed every second that it was there. 

"Hey there Jimmy," Sebastian interrupted them, holding out a hand to greet the intruder. "Sebastian Smythe."

"Hello…" Jimmy said uncertainly while shaking the other guy’s hand, feeling the unpleasant energy radiating from him. Unsure, he turned his head back to Blaine. "Sorry, I didn’t know you had a-"

Blaine realized what conclusion Jimmy had jumped to, and hurried to shoot down his suspicions. “I don-“

He abruptly stopped speaking as he felt Sebastian slide an arm over his shoulders and pulling him closer to his body. Blaine stared at him in awe and wondered what Sebastian was up to. Whatever it was, he sure couldn’t shake how wonderful Sebastian’s chest felt pressed against him and how the heat of their bodies mixed with each other. As Blaine tried to take a calming breath, all he could smell was the powerful scent of Sebastian’s cologne hitting him right in the face. 

"Well there’s a lot that you don’t know," Sebastian said to Jimmy with a smirk and leaned down to press a wet, drawn-out kiss to Blaine’s cheek. 

Blaine had clearly lost his ability to speak - and to protest to the gorgeous guy that Sebastian was just messing with him. The heat alone that he felt pulling over his face was enough to silence him. 

"I better get going," Jimmy excused himself, "Buddy’s getting impatient." Both Blaine and Sebastian looked down at the dog sitting by his owner’s feet, seeming to have all the time in the world. But Sebastian looked at Jimmy and shot him a nod of consent. 

"I guess I’ll see you around Blaine," Jimmy said and started walking again. So did Sebastian, except in the opposite direction. Blaine hurried after him, and pulled him to a stop by grabbing his hand. 

"What was that all about?" Blaine demanded. "Did you even think of the fact that I might actually like that guy?” 

Sebastian looked at Blaine in a moment of silence before lacing his fingers carefully with Blaine’s. Blaine looked down at their hands, tightly clasped together, and back up at Sebastian. 

"As I was saying about the game…" Sebastian continued and started walking again.

They kept walking like that, and Blaine listened with interest. He expected Sebastian to ease his hand carefully out of Blaine’s once they moved along. However, to Blaine’s surprise and enormous pleasure, Sebastian didn’t pull his hand away. Not for the entire day.  

Something Like Dalton

Chapter 3 is now up!

Pairing: Seblaine
Characters: Sebastian, Blaine, Thad, Wes, OCs.
Rating: It’s M for the fic although so far it’s more like T…
Fic summary: Sebastian sees Blaine perform at sectionals and for some unknown reason Blaine seems to pull Sebastian under his spell. They haven’t even spoken but Sebastian is eager to change that. He transfers to Dalton, and this is how everything went down after that. 
Chapter summary: Sebastian takes some time to catch up with his old life. He realizes that some things have changed drastically while other things are as normal as ever. It also makes him realize how much he has changed himself, and he is not the only person who does. Before going up on stage with the Warblers at sectionals he gives them a pep talk and finds out that people like him more than he knew.

One | Two | Three

It was just another normal day at Dalton. Blaine had taken his car over, driving through the town that Saturday morning. He was feeling ecstatic for unknown reasons, but the layer of fresh snow that had fallen during the night only seemed to make him even more excited for the day. He pictured a cozy, crackling fire that he would cuddle up against while sipping hot chocolate and chatting with Sebastian. However, when he arrived he found that that wasn’t the case. 

"Hey stud," Sebastian greeted as Blaine entered the commons. He was half lying on the couch with his feet on the table: a posture Blaine was sure that the heads of Dalton would disapprove of. 

Blaine walked over to him and noticed the bag of Skittles that Sebastian was popping into his mouth, a handful at a time. “You want some?” Sebastian asked, seeing how Blaine eyed the bag in his lap. “Frizzl’d Fruits for extra delicious sourness!” He patted the cushion next to him.

Sitting down, Blaine kindly declined Sebastian’s offer. 

"Ah, come one," Sebastian said, holding out the bag for him. "Don’t be a drag."

"Fine," Blaine replied and took a couple of frost-looking candies. As he brought them to his lips he could feel his mouth watering, and felt how his tongue crumpled from the sourness of them. "No fire?" Blaine then asked, feeling a bit disappointed. 

"Didn’t feel like it today." Sebastian shrugged. "You know, if you came back here you could be cuddling by the fireplace every day. Then Skittles wouldn’t be the only thing we could share." He threw a glace at Blaine and saw the faint red blush creep up his neck. 

"I- uh…" Blaine swallowed. He didn’t know exactly what Sebastian was referring to, but he thought that he had an idea. “Well I have missed the fires,” he breathed. 

"I bet you have," Sebastian said and reached a hand up to slid his fingers along the lines of Blaine’s neck. Blaine met his eyes and they looked so big and shiny. At that moment Sebastian regretted not lighting a fire, because it would have been glorious to see yellow sparks tingle his hazel eyes.

When Sebastian touched his skin, Blaine found it hard to breathe. Sure, Sebastian had approached him many times, but never like this. Sebastian’s hand kept moving, all the way up to Blaine’s cheek. Sebastian stroke it with the back of his hand and heard Blaine’s breath hitch as he did so. It looked like Blaine was watching expectantly, like he was waiting for something. 

In a way, Blaine was. He felt the conflicted emotions burst inside of him. What about Kurt? Sure, they had broken up, but it was only two days ago. If he kissed Sebastian now - or if Sebastian kissed him - it would mean that Kurt was right: Blaine was in love with Sebastian. But it couldn’t be true. Blaine had to fight it because he knew Sebastian didn’t feel the same way.

He just wants to sleep with you, Blaine tried to remind himself. But despite of all that, he couldn’t help how he felt, how bad he wanted Sebastian to kiss him. His face must have shown this because in that second Sebastian was leaning closer to him. This is finally happening, was the last thought that passed through Blaine’s mind as his lips met with Sebastian’s. 

The kiss was passionate. Sebastian gripped Blaine’s face tightly between his hands and their lips moved together, desperate to taste each other and to feel more. The whole kiss was a fruity sensation, the taste of Skittles still lingering on the tip of their tongues as they lightly brushed against each other.

At that moment, Blaine didn’t even care about what he thought or what he should feel. Instead he embraced Sebastian, inhaled the faint hint of aftershave on his cheek, while keeping their lips tightly together. Blaine couldn’t think how any kiss could have felt better. But unfortunately, that moment didn’t last forever. 

When Blaine finally pulled away, all he could think about was how he’d screwed up. He shouldn’t have let it happen - it was too soon. Blaine took a breath. “Sebastian, I can’t…”

Sebastian was confused, it was obvious. “But we just did?”

"I mean, I can’t do this.” Blaine wiggled his hand between them. “Us.” 

What he saw on Sebastian’s face then was beyond anything he could’ve imagined. Sebastian’s lips fell open and his face just dropped. His eyes looked at him pleadingly, but he didn’t speak. He didn’t have to. The vulnerability was shown all across his face and his features. Until a second later, when he got his face under control again and his jaws clenched tightly. 

Blaine had never seen this look on Sebastian before, it was certainly a surprise to him. Even though Blaine had no idea what it meant, he was starting to feel that Sebastian might actually care about him. Everything was still uncertain and unconfirmed, but Blaine wanted this so badly that he didn’t care. He grabbed Sebastian without uncertainty and brought him closer for another kiss.

But this one was briefer, mostly due to the fact that Sebastian was very surprised. And confused. He cocked his eyebrow at Blaine. “I thought you just said-“

"Shut up," Blaine mumbled against Sebastian’s lips and kissed him again.

When they broke it, Sebastian was laughing contently. “Whatever you say. In fact, you don’t have to say anything. I could be doing this all day.” He pressed soft kisses onto Blaine, this time along his jawbone, and it made his breathing intensify. But even before that he flashed a grin, one that was so familiar to Blaine that he couldn’t help but to think that whatever happened, he’d be okay.