" slowly, then all at once. "
" slowly, then all at once. "
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BEING NICE SUCKS. That’s what Sebastian had said, and he’s sticking to it. It sucks to see the guy you’d fallen for propose to someone else, blinded by a one-track idealism and ideas of love.

Sebastian was a nice guy now. He’d learned that nothing else would do him good in the end. Yet sitting in the room where Blaine had hugged him a couple of hours prior, he felt like whatever he did wouldn’t matter. He would always end up feeling empty.

The cheers and cries of joy echoing in the walls didn’t resonate within him. He was the black hole in which all sound and light was consumed and demolished.

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Something Like Dalton

Chapter 3 is now up!

Pairing: Seblaine
Characters: Sebastian, Blaine, Thad, Wes, OCs.
Rating: It’s M for the fic although so far it’s more like T…
Fic summary: Sebastian sees Blaine perform at sectionals and for some unknown reason Blaine seems to pull Sebastian under his spell. They haven’t even spoken but Sebastian is eager to change that. He transfers to Dalton, and this is how everything went down after that. 
Chapter summary: Sebastian takes some time to catch up with his old life. He realizes that some things have changed drastically while other things are as normal as ever. It also makes him realize how much he has changed himself, and he is not the only person who does. Before going up on stage with the Warblers at sectionals he gives them a pep talk and finds out that people like him more than he knew.

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