" slowly, then all at once. "
" slowly, then all at once. "
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"You’re Blaine Anderson, right?"

The voice startled them both, Blaine the most. They turned around to face the guy behind them in line at Lima Bean. Sebastian quickly eyed the guy in his early twenties; handsome, muscular, with short, black hair and a devilish smile on his lips. His grey eyes stood out against the pale skin as he watched Blaine watch him. There was something about the guy that Sebastian instantly disliked. 

"Yes I am," Blaine said, confused. 

"I saw you compete with the Warblers," he explained. "We met once but I don’t think you remember me." He extended his hand. "I’m Nick’s older brother."

"Jeremy," Blaine breathed and shook the now familiar guy’s hand. "Of course."

Sebastian watched as the two guys bonded, but when he had to order Blaine’s coffee because he was busy smiling and talking to Jeremy, he felt like he’d had enough. 

"So, Jeremy," Sebastian interrupted and drew the two other’s eyes, especially Blaine’s when he put his arm over Blaine’s shoulders and dragged him closer. "You were in town… looking for a job? I heard they’re hard to come by these days."

"They are," he agreed, "but I heard Lima is the place to go." He was looking at Sebastian suspiciously, wondering where the conversation was going. 

"I know what you mean," Sebastian continued. "I went looking for a job in Westerville, took weeks to get one. And… how long have you been looking?" 

The guy laughed, realizing that the guy was trying to make him seem lesser to Blaine. Someone was clearly jealous easily. “Sorry, I’m gonna order my coffee,” he said and deviated the question. “Get a table for us, will you?”

Blaine and Sebastian took their coffees and sat down by one of the vacant tables on the other side of the room. Sebastian pretended like nothing had ever happened, even as he occupied the seat beside Blaine, leaning close to him.

"Why are you acting like this?" Blaine asked as they were alone. 

"What do you mean?" Sebastian replied innocently.

"Are you trying to turn me on in public again?" Blaine hurriedly asked as he saw that Jeremy was approaching them, "cause it’s working."

Sebastian looked confused for a second, then his face shone up in a grin. That’s what Blaine thought he was doing? How oblivious of him. 

Jeremy sat down across the table from them, sipping his coffee and recoiling from the warmth of it. “Blaine I can’t stress it enough; you are an amazing singer.”

Blaine laughed awkwardly. “Thanks. It means a lot.”

"You should hear him when he sings to me," Sebastian said suddenly. "Makes me melt." He wrapped an arm around Blaine’s waist and pulled him closer, getting a sidelong look from the guy in question. 

Blaine tried to focus on what Jeremy was saying then, but Sebastian’s fingers began drawing circles in his side, almost teasingly, in a way that distracted Blaine from doing anything at all. 

"I can only imagine," Jeremy nodded, and then grinned as he said, "you’ll have to serenade me sometime, Blaine."

When he heard his name, Blaine flinched back to reality and tried to come up with an answer to what the guys were talking about. But since he hadn’t heard, he let Sebastian step in for him, unknowing about what was to come. 

"Sorry," Sebastian said to Jeremy and laughed. He turned to look at Blaine, who was watching him intently, "-but he’s all mine. Isn’t that right?" 

Blaine was definitely going to make up for his silence with a reply, if only with a simple “yeah”. But he didn’t get the chance because Sebastian was leaning in and taking Blaine’s lips with his and kissing him fiercely. It took a second for Blaine to realize what was happening and that they were still in a public area with Jeremy sitting across from them. When realization hit him he figured he should break the kiss to keep things at a minimum of awkwardness, but Sebastian’s hand was cupping Blaine’s face so tightly that he couldn’t have pulled away even if he’d find the mental strength to do it. Let face it, Blaine didn’t want to end the kiss. It was hot and felt amazing, and it gave Blaine wonderfully painful tingles in his lower parts.

Sebastian’s tongue was playing with Blaine’s, and their lips were sucked tightly together. Blaine was running out of air, and Sebastian could feel the same happening to himself. He moved his hand from Blaine’s face down to the collar of his shirt and dragged him in for a last kiss before pulling their lips apart.

Blaine licked his swollen lips as he turned towards Jeremy. Jeremy was looking away, pretending to be busy drinking his coffee. He looked at Blaine and Sebastian a few seconds after he heard the kiss end. “Well,” he said and cleared his throat. “I just remembered that I better get going. See you guys another time.” Then he practically shot up from his seat and left with quick steps. 

"I’ll be looking forward to it," Sebastian whispered under his breath. He smiled contently as he turned back to Blaine, and his eyes drew down to the obvious arousal in Blaine’s tight, black jeans. "How about we got back to Dalton? I could help you with that."

Blaine looked down as well. He had felt himself harden but hadn’t know just how much. It was really obvious, unlike Sebastian’s. “I don’t think I can wait that long,” Blaine breathed.

Sebastian grinned. “Me neither. Car’s out back, how about we shotgun?”

Blaine was obviously confused by this. “What do you mean? You want a smoke?”

"I was thinking of the word in a different sense." Sebastian raised his eyebrow and Blaine caught on. "I call shotgun, how about you join me?" 

"Sure," Blaine purred. He liked that idea very much. 

To Kurt, Ohio and Lima were places that felt like a lifetime ago. He’d been in New York for almost a year and he’d loved every second of it. NYADA truly was his dream come true. He had come back to Lima now that it was summer and he had a break from school, and take some time to visit his dad and his friends who had stayed behind. Rachel had come with him to do the same. There was only one thing Kurt truly regretted though about going to New York, one thing that often kept him up at those lonely nights, and that was that he had let Blaine go.

Both he and Blaine had agreed that long a distance relationship wouldn’t work, especially being as young as they were. Kurt wanted to live his youth to the fullest and he wanted Blaine to get the chance of doing the same. But, as said, Kurt often regretted this decision, wondering if it really had been the right thing to do. At the time it had felt like it, even though it had been hard. They loved each other. They were each other’s firsts. Those things never truly left you. Kurt regretted that he had been the one pushing on their break up the way he had, especially since that slimy slug Sebastian Smythe had been around, and still was.

Maybe the true reason to why he’d come back home wasn’t to visit his dad, what if it had just been the excuse. A part of Kurt was dying to see Blaine again, if only to see how he was doing. And maybe - just maybe - he had missed Kurt too. 

As he entered Lima Bean after being in town a couple of days, Kurt knew that Blaine must’ve heard of him being back. Some part of Kurt’s mind told him that if Blaine was there at Lima Bean - their old hang out - then maybe there still was something between them. 

Sure enough, as soon as Kurt walked in he saw Blaine sitting by one of the far away tables. But he wasn’t alone. He was sitting on one of the couches, and sitting next to him was Sebastian. It didn’t have to mean anything, Kurt reminded himself, they had been friends even before he left. 

Kurt didn’t realize that he had been standing paralyzed by the door until Sebastian turned his head like clockwork and saw him standing there. Sebastian was eyeing him for the longest time, before leaning in and whispering something into Blaine’s ear, handing him his newspaper. Kurt had started to lose his hope as he walked to the register. 

Sebastian had seen Kurt stare at him and Blaine for the longest time with a longing expression on his face. Sebastian thought that he could separate the feelings in his face; anger, guilt, regret, sorrow… After all, who wouldn’t feel all of that if they had let a great guy like Blaine Anderson get away. Sebastian had been there for Blaine is his heartbreak, and Blaine had finally begun to trust him. But Sebastian could still remember all the tears, all the sadness… he wanted to spare Blaine from that again, especially since he knew how edgy Blaine had been, finding out Kurt was in town. 

"I’m getting another coffee, I’ll be right back," Sebastian whispered into Blaine’s ear. He handed him his newspaper in hope that he would distract himself with it and not notice that Kurt was there. 

Sebastian approached Kurt who was getting his coffee and ignored the exclamations that escaped the older guy’s lips when Sebastian dragged him behind one of the pillars, out of Blaine’s sight. 

"Look, I know why you’re here," Sebastian accused, not bothering with the formalities. 

"To get coffee?" Kurt asked with innocent sarcasm. 

"I know that you still care about Blaine, I get that," Sebastian assured. "You regret saying goodbye to him, and I get that too. But that doesn’t change the fact that he has moved on.”

"Sebastian," Kurt said sharply, trying to stop the words he didn’t want to hear. 

"Listen," Sebastian hissed. "Blaine loved you with all his heart, and I would never have admitted it back then but there was nothing that could come between you, not even me. But when you left… you gave up all your rights concerning him. He doesn’t belong to you anymore.”

"And… he belongs to you?" Kurt asked doubtingly, feeling that he needed to know.

"Only if he wants to," Sebastian assured, and then smiled. "And for some reason it seems like he does. I have no idea why." For a moment Sebastian had almost forgotten who he was talking to, but he regained himself. "That’s how it is now, and I’m too happy to sit by and let you ruin it."

With those words, Sebastian walked away, back to where Blaine was sitting. His boyfriend seemed oblivious to what had just happened, but wore a wrinkle between his eyebrows and asked, “I thought you were getting coffee?”

Sebastian shrugged and felt Kurt emerge from behind the pillar, watching them. “Changed my mind,” Sebastian replied. “I was actually craving something else.”

Blaine tilted his head to the side, a smile on his face. He knew what was coming. 

Leaning in closer, Sebastian met Blaine’s lips softly. They let their tongues brush each other’s, but being careful not to make the kiss too feverish for this public area. Sebastian pulled away, and felt Blaine’s teeth holding on to his bottom lip before finally letting go.

Sebastian could see from the corner of his eye how Kurt on the other side of the room rushed out though the door. It felt good, showing Kurt that his words have been serious, and Blaine had done more than enough to underline his arguments. He felt a relief spread through his body. He’d won, he’d kept Blaine safe, if only for now. That was all he cared about.

The final minutes of the game were here. There was no pressure really, the win was already at hand. They were competing against The Sharks from Highwater Bay High School, and with five minutes to go, the guys from Dalton were almost half a dozen points ahead. 

As Sebastian got what looked to be the final ball, he glanced towards the audience where the curly haired boy was sitting among the cheering people. Sure, Sebastian had invited Blaine to come and watch him play, but he’d never expected him to show up.

Focusing back on the game, Sebastian ran a few steps before passing the ball to another guy on his team. The guy made a good effort at scoring, but the goal keeper was there, ready to catch the ball. Loud sighs and moans came from the Dalton bleachers even though that ball hadn’t mattered. The game finished off and the audience scattered as the guys on the field vanished into the locker rooms. 

Sebastian grabbed his things before seeing Blaine on the bleachers, sitting very still while making no attempt to leave. Sebastian left his duffel bag and helmet by the edge of the court and approached Blaine. 

Blaine was sitting on one of the top benches and looked up as he saw Sebastian climbing up to meet him. 

"I can’t believe you came," Sebastian said in a low voice while panting heavily. He sat down next to Blaine and looked out over the field. He was still wearing his red lacrosse uniform - number nine - and that together with the lines of sweat tracing down his forehead made Blaine go crazy with all the sexy. 

Blaine did his best of composing himself as he spoke. “Well you’d never stop bragging about how good you were if I didn’t,” he replied. 

"True," Sebastian said and grinned. He reached a hand up to ruffle his hair that had been crammed under the helmet. He could see Blaine from the corner of his eye, and the guy’s mouth was falling open as he did so. "But that’s only cause I am good. You’ve seen me so now you know.”

Blaine nodded. A silence appeared after that, when Sebastian met Blaine’s eyes and looked deeply into them. Blaine had to remind himself to breathe after a moment, and thought that he should say something to get rid of the sexual tension that suddenly had appeared between them. 

"Um… so what do you want to do now? I was thinking we could-" Blaine came to a stop as soon as he felt the hand slide up his leg. He looked at Sebastian, who was now wearing a crooked smile.

"You know what I wanna do now," Sebastian teased, still trailing his hand over the leg while his other arm wrapped around Blaine’s waist. 

Then Sebastian bit his lower lip, and oh God Blaine wanted it too. He inhaled sharply - too sharply - as Sebastian took his hand and lifted it to his wet hairline. Blaine let his fingers trace down Sebastian’s face, feeling the sticky sweat attach to his fingertips. All Blaine wanted to do was to kiss him, right then and there. He was craving it. 

Sebastian wanted it too, and he could see the want in Blaine’s eyes, in the way he swallowed hard, in the way his lips twitched… But Sebastian had been trying to seduce Blaine for so long now that he wanted him to work a little as well.

"Well this was fun!" Sebastian said lightly and wrapped himself out of Blaine’s grip. "Let’s do it again some time!" Then he winked at Blaine while wearing a playful grin. He ran down the benches and grabbed his things while heading off to the locker rooms as well.

Blaine was sitting half paralyzed with confusion of what had just happened, and he watched Sebastian leave with eyes open wide. 

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